KPG Automation produces a number of configurable standard products in addition to our custom solutions to solve common industry problems.  Below are some examples of these products that can be configured for your processes to increase profits, quality and safety in your workplace.  CONTACT US for more information.

nxt genetics - dna/Mrna production platform

KPG Automation's most important product in development, a GMP or research grade fully automated platform to produce batches of one, nucleic acid based therapies and treatments.  This modular approach can be adapted and tailored to one, or all of your production segments.  This enabling technology will make individualized therapies affordable, and drastically improve time to market for new therapies, vaccines and treatments.  Please contact us for more information and availability.

Tray handler & palletizer

Low Profile and economical Palletizing tray handling solution, either manual, or AMR pallet moving options. Dual locations for continuous motion.  Custom tooling for any application.  Available now.

Tray handling solutions

Ultra-compact Tray handling, up/down stacker, features many options, including: dual tray locations for continuous motion, universal pitch changer, orientation adjuster, inspections, automatic load/unload, manually or via AMRs.  High speed, high volume, high ROI.  Custom tooling for any application.  Available now.