Combination Products

Combining operations into a single validated system increases the overall efficiency of production

KPG custom Tray Handlers

KPG offers a variety of tray handling configurations for a range of applications from single tray to multiple stack designs. With speeds up to 400 assemblies per minute, our custom designs can meet even the most challenging requirements.

Tray Loaders

Tray Unloaders

Drug Cartridge Loading Systems

Flexible Feeding Systems

Maximize pick yield efficiency and minimum part, package or material recirculation.

With Recirculation

Maximize component usage

Without Recirculation

Maximize throughput while ensuring quality

Small Part Flexible Feeding Systems

Part handling as small as 2.5cm

Large Part Flexible Feeding Systems

Part handling up to 22 kg

Filling Systems

HFFS Loading/unloading

With integrated vision inspection to ensure filling accuracy

Labeling Systems

With integrated laser and vision for maximum accuracy.

Wrap Labeling

Tamp Labeling

Cartoning and Palletizing

Cartoner Collation Systems

Ease the transition from fill to finish with collating

End of Line Palletizing

Automate your process from start to finish with integrated palletizing