Lab Automation

Our primary vision at KPG is Life Sciences. The application of technology and experience by our team to solve the unique challenges in Life Sciences is simply put, the sum is greater than the parts. In focus groups such as Laboratory Automation, our love for science and decades upon decades of experience solving a myriad of complex engineering problems through the versatility of robotics and creative application of technology has positioned us to lead a market that we are defining.

We are quality experts. We are process experts. We are Automation experts.

Innovation is an uncompromising and ruthless art form. We live in a world where we've been forced to rethink how we live. Innovation is critical to not only succeed, but survive.

KPG Automation knows there's no room for error when lives depend upon it. Trust in knowing our framework is cemented through not just applying and complying, but truly understanding ISO 13485:2016, GxP and GAMP 5. This is how we do business.

Some of the toughest challenges in laboratory automation have yet to be solved. If you've ever wondered how you as a stakeholder can focus your team on solving the real problems, like a cure or vaccine to a global pandemic instead of tending repetitive but critical laboratory processes, trust KPG to automate your formerly manual only processes.

If you have a team that's made their breakthrough and need to scale up your process from laboratory to production, low to medium volume to support trials and testing, then full production, trust in KPG Automation to realize that breakthrough by bringing it to market.

We are experts in bringing visions to physical reality. If you need guidance on defining what that vision is, we have partners to help expedite and define what you need to bring that vision to us for materialization.

We don't have customers, we have partners. This is KPG.