Customer Service

At KPG Automation, Site Acceptance is just the start of our relationship with our customers. We stand behind the quality of our workmanship for the lifecycle of each and every machine we design and build. By dedicating staff to Customer Support, we can build long-term cooperative, interactive, and mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers.

Our comprehensive Customer Support program offers a variety of risk management tools. Our customers can easily access technical support services, defined maintenance and individual inspection agreements, performance monitoring, and OEM spare parts ordering. We make every effort to ensure fault-free and reliable operation and to keep your equipment up and running for years.

Customer Care

The installation of your new KPG Automation machine can come with a lot of questions. Helpdesk and remote assistance are readily available Monday – Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm. Each of our customers is assigned a single point of contact to ensure every inquiry is resolved. Our Customer Support Group will work together to find the answers to your questions and coordinate teams to respond to complex situations.

Technical Support

KPG Automation Specializes in solving problems. We are committed to providing solutions to any challenges you may encounter with the operation of your machine.

Coordinated by our Customer Support Group, our highly qualified engineers are here to provide remote technical support for Electrical, Mechanical, and Programming. We also have a team ready to be on-site at your facility to provide direct support in resolving system anomalies.

Technical documentation for your machine is another critical component for successful machine operation. We will quickly provide replacement user manuals, release notes, technical specifications, installation instructions and purchased component drawings.

Responding to Your Feedback

KPG Automation employs a formal Quality Management System (QMS) to document and respond to non-conformances (NCs). This allows us to effectively manage responses to customer feedback. Each step of the evaluation and investigation of your concern is systematically addressed by a cross-functional team. Corrective and Preventative measures are carefully documented and implemented, with a focus on continuous improvement.

Warranty Extensions

In addition to the warranties extended by component manufacturers, all KPG Automation systems come with a warranty covering one year or 2,000 machine operation hours. Warranty extensions are available for up to 10 years. Each extended warranty contract is customized to your machine and can also include preventive maintenance.

Spare Parts

KPG Automation understands the importance of ordering and stocking replacement parts. Our Customer Support Team will deploy extensive resources and experience to quickly fill your request. Expedited manufacturing services may also be available upon request.

We supply an engineer-recommended Spare Parts list with each system we build. Work with our Customer Support Team to ensure you hold these parts in stock for when you need them most.

Preventive Maintenance

Equipment failure and down time are costly to your business. Keep your machine in optimum operating condition and extend the life-cycle of your system by performing regular preventive maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance should be ongoing from Site Acceptance, but it’s never too late to develop a schedule to address the maintenance needs of an older machine. Customized contract plans can be date-based, cycle-based, time-based, or condition-based and include inspection, detection, and correction of key machine functions.

Predictive Maintenance

Along with planned maintenance, keeping an eye on system performance will help you reduce costly unplanned down-time. KPG Automation is proud to be at the forefront of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The ability to remotely connect and monitor machines has been around for many years. However, up until very recently, it required expensive proprietary hardware and communications. KPG Automation has partnered with leaders in the IIoT industry to offer more affordable equipment and intuitive user interfaces. IIoT data will give you an accurate, real-time view of system performance to pick up on inefficiencies and problems sooner. Retrofitted sensors can monitor vibrations, temperature, and other factors to help you proactively forecast your maintenance needs.

Warranty and non-warranty repairs

KPG Automation maintains high quality standards. All repairs are performed by qualified technicians using only factory authorized parts. Your system will be restored to its fully functioning, original manufacturing specifications. Warranty repairs are provided at no charge for parts or labor. Non-warranty repairs are performed at a flat rate. Discounted hourly rates for repairs can be negotiated as part of your Preventive Maintenance Contract.

Machine Upgrades

Making the decision to automate your production involves a significant investment on the part of your company. Make the most of your investment by extending the life of your equipment. We can provide retooling and retrofitting for any KPG Automation or other manufacturer system. We also provide full service design and build services for mechanical, electrical, and software system upgrades.

Training, Consultation, and Other Support

To run your new machine effectively, it is important that you have the necessary training. Operator training is always included in the installation of a KPG Automation assembly system. Training is offered either at our facility or at the customer’s site for maintenance and operating personnel.

Participants learn how to troubleshoot and how to carry out the required maintenance work on the machine. Preventive maintenance increases the operational reliability of your system. Good operator training reduces downtime and maintains the system warranty coverage.

All KPG Automation machine instruction is delivered by the men and women who helped to design and build each machine. We can also provide coordination of production ramp up assistance to decrease your time to market.