Our Core Values


At KPG Automation, we value relationships. Because customization and compliance require a significant investment of time, we will develop long-term relationships between key customers, suppliers, and team members to foster collaboration in our day-to-day operations. Sharing knowledge and mentoring others is key to the success of our business.

We promote a sense of teamwork and unity through effective two-way communication, showing respect for the individual along with just and fair management practices.

· We approach every conversation with an open mind, working from a place of caring, sharing, and mutual respect.

· We understand that listening is the most important communication skill we can deploy.

· When we encounter conflict, we address the disagreement with the idea, not the person.

· When something isn’t working, we suggest solutions when presenting our grievances.

· We strive to practice empathy and emotional intelligence in our debates, and know that we can always agree to disagree.

Above all, we treat our customers with professionalism, courtesy and respect.

Technical Expertise

Our technical expertise is at the core of our customers’ success. We provide bespoke assembly and packaging lines that are compliant with global regulated industry requirements. We will utilize our technological strengths to exceed customer expectations and deliver on our commitments. Our superior skills, meticulous efficiency, and collaborative leadership drive the successful completion of each project.

We will lead the industry by deploying the latest technology, staying abreast of innovations through a continuous learning mindset. We will assume calculated risks to develop innovative solutions with, and for, our industry partners. We look to opportunities ahead of us to continuously improve our approach toward managing projects and risk to deliver for our customers and KPG Automation

Our opportunities for innovation are guided by our collective experience. We know how to help our customers define their expectations, and we know the questions to ask to make each project successful.

We will attract and retain top talent by creating a diverse, high-performance workplace. All employees will have opportunities to build success for long term careers.

Business Success

We will realize business success through exemplary strategic and tactical planning which includes continuous improvement and renewing our best practices with every challenge we overcome. We seek to lead the automation industry by mitigating risk and applying our technical expertise in the most efficient manner possible. When building our customer base, we will work with customers that share our values to ensure a seamless collaboration and mutual success.

The KPG Machine Build Process will ensure that our projects will be delivered on time, on budget, and on spec. We will be value-driven in our business practices to ensure that we meet our profitability goals. We will be meticulous in our work to ensure the highest quality systems and products are delivered to our customers.

We want our customers and team members to feel respected. We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times. Walking into our facility, visitors will observe organized and clean workspaces. We will take pride in the appearance of our properties, demonstrate respect for the environment, and conduct our business in a socially responsible manner. Outside of our building, we take pride in our commitment to the community. We will join with our employees in supporting the community where we are located.

Personal satisfaction

Our team is the engine that powers our success. Individuals can only deliver successful solutions through the efforts of the collective group. Our collaboration strengthens the relationships we build and leads to personal satisfaction for every person on the team.

We will work every day to have fun, seeking opportunities for everyone to participate in the success of the group. We will try to laugh every day, but never at the expense of another. We will incorporate play into our work days, especially when workloads and stress levels are high.

We want everyone to have a strong sense of professional pride in the work that we do. By clearly understanding the expectations of each role on the team, our members can succeed in their roles. By setting professional goals and having opportunities to achieve them, our workforce will thrive. Therefore, we will challenge our staff by continuously looking for ways to apply and grow each person’s skill set.

The profitability realized through investments in our workforce will allow KPG to make investments for the future in employee training, product development, and facilities.