Victory Garden


Well, as one would suspect, the Victory Garden is really starting to take off. Almost all of our seeds have now germinated and the birds have decided to let us keep the tomato plants, so they're really showing progress.


After a lot of team work and planning, the Victory Garden is starting to show signs of life! There's still a bit more planting to do, but the tomatoes are in, and the herb garden is starting to produce some lovely seasonings for us.


Well, Mother's Day was productive in the KPG Victory Garden. We were able to finish the wall and get the soil leveled out. Once we finish spreading the compost, the garden will be ready for our seeds to go in. We will wait a few more weeks to take the plants out, just to ensure that we've passed the danger of frost.


Happy Earth Day to Everyone!

We are moving forward on getting the garden ready for planting. Several staff worked very hard over the weekend to remove the sod that the backhoe couldn't get to and level out the slope to make a two-tiered area. Next week we will add a cinder block wall and have a load of compost delivered.


From a corporate sustainability point of view our new landlord has been fantastic to work with! They have approved our wish to put a company garden on the property. We will end up with about a 600sqft garden in order to supply the staff with high quality veggies and herbs.

The Gratuitous Before Shot