Our Core Competencies

We design and build custom automation

Laboratory Automation

Our partnerships with Lab Automation companies allow KPG Automation to join the quest for health solutions.

  • Fully Automated Cell Culturing Process

  • SPC Non Destructive Testing Modules with full track and trace

Scalable automated solutions from low to high volume production

tray handling systems

Vision Guided systems

We work with a number of machine vision companies to choose the right system of processors, cameras, lenses and lights for your inspection tasks. We have a vision lab where we can develop concepts during the early stages of a project, often before we write our final proposal. Our suppliers have labs and vision professionals too and we work with them to make sure we get it right.

Inspection does not always require machine vision. We have also used force and torque feedback systems, load cells, check-weighers, pressure and vacuum monitors, and thermocouples. Analog or digital. Low or high tech. Simple or sophisticated. KPG has the expertise to automate all aspects of your production and quality management.

Robot Integration


We've built machinery to assemble many products, made of various plastics and metals. We've fastened them with screws, joined them ultrasonically with welds, adhered them with glue, and snapped them together. We've monitored forces and torques during the process and we've inspected them afterward.

If you've got a difficult assembly task, or an easy one, contact us and let's solve it together.

  • Palletizer

  • Depalletizer

  • High-Speed Picker

  • Product Feeder

  • Wire Coiler

  • Blister Sealers

  • Transport Systems

  • End of Arm tooling

Flexible Feeding Systems

Collation systems

Blister Card Loading and Unloading

After we help our customers to assemble their product, we also install equipment at the end of their process to package it. If your product is sold in a blister on a card, we can load the form-fill-seal machine.